New Horizons Chapter Fall Reunion Information 9/10-12


The New Horizons Quartermasters would like to offer to cook for you this weekend.  We know there may be lower numbers of Arrowmen attending from each unit.  So, if you would rather not bring your cooking equipment with you then you can eat with the QMs for a fee.  The QMs kitchen will be at the shotgun range next to the camporee field at the New Horizons area.

The options and pricing are listed below.

  • OPTION #1 – All Meals Saturday Breakfast – Sunday Breakfast $23. Best for current Arrowmen that are NOT having Saturday dinner with the Lodge
  • OPTION #2 – Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Sunday Breakfast $19.      Best for current Arrowmen that are having Saturday dinner with the Lodge.
  • OPTION #3 – Sunday Breakfast Only $4.50. Best for candidates (as meals will be provided on Saturday by the Lodge).

The New Horizons QM have the following menu planned for the weekend

  • Saturday Breakfast – Pancakes, Sausage, Fruit
  • Saturday Lunch – Hamburgers, Chips, Fruit & Vegs
  • Saturday Dinner – Chicken and Beef Mexican Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast – Egg McMuffins, Fruit

Please contact Bryan Bush ( to let him know if you’re interested and which option.  Please include your name(s) and unit number.

If you opt to get your meals from the NH QMs you can pickup your meals and take them back to your campsite or bring a camp chair to the shotgun pavilion (space may be a little tight).

Elangomats & Nimats

The New Horizons Chapter would like to ask Arrowmen to be Elangomats for new members at the Fall Reunion.  This involves leading a clan on Saturday and being a friend to the candidates to help them complete the service portion of their Ordeal.  Being an Elangomat can also earn you a patch set (by completing the requirement to keep in touch with your clan members).  There will be Elangomat training just prior to the District Rountable (starting at 6:15pm) in the parking lot outside of Manchester United Methodist Church.  It will also be repeated Friday evening at the Fall Reunion.

We are also looking for a few Nimats to assist with the Brotherhood ceremony and Trail guides for both ceremonies.  If interested contact Matthew Caldwell or Marvin Alexander.

Service Project Info

For our candidates:  Our Chapter service project at the Fall Reunion will involve clearing out some trails and campsites near Castle Rock.  Equipment to bring include any of the following:

  • Loppers
  • Rakes
  • Gloves
  • Bowsaws
  • Also be sure to bring 2 containers of water and a small daypack if you like.

There are many service opportunities for Arrowmen.  If you are not planning to be an Elangomat, please plan to help with service by working with a ceremonial team or helping the Lodge on a service project (they have one setup specifically for Arrowmen).


For those planning to obtain the Brotherhood level, the Brotherhood questioning will be at the Chapter HeadQuarters at 2:30pm (prior to the Chapter meeting).  If you did not pay the $20 fee when you registered, we will collect that after questioning.  Brotherhood questions and answers are on the Chapter and Lodge website or contact the Chapter Chief or Adviser.


Camping units.  If you are attending and your Unit is not attending, you will need to “find” a Unit to camp with.  Please contact the Chapter Chief or Adviser if you need help with this.


Shawnee Lodge elections will take place Friday at 9:15pm at the Famous Eagle dining hall (Leadership Hall).  There are several New Horizons Arrowmen running for Lodge officer positions.

New Horizons Chapter officer elections will take place during the Chapter business meeting on Saturday afternoon.  If you are an Arrowman who would like to run for a Chapter office, please contact Matthew Caldwell or Mr. Colletti by Saturday at 10am.


The Fall Reunion schedule is on the Shawnee Lodge website and there will be a white board with New Horizons specific times at the NH Chapter HQ.


We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Reunion and having an excellent weekend of fellowship.