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Ceremonial Teams

New Horizons has ceremonial teams for both the Ordeal and Brotherhood Honors. We are always looking for Arrowmen who are interested in starting a ceremonial team, being a part of a ceremonial team, or are interested in helping a team. Check this page for the latest information about ceremonial teams and events for them.


The Elangomat program was created in order to ensure that the Elangomats would be able to guide their “clan” successfully and teach them about Order of the Arrow.

Troop Representative

The Order of the Arrow Troop Representative is one of the most important postions in the Order. It is the key way that the Chapter and Lodge are able to communicate with the troop and visa versa. The Troop Rep program benefits both the troop and the Order.

Camp Promotions

Camp Promotion is a major part of the Order of the Arrow as camping is an important focus of Scouting. Camp Promotion attempts to get more Scouts to sign- up for summer camps as well as high adventure based camps and other summer programs.