What is an Elangomat?

Elangomat is the Lenni Lenape word meaning friend. An Elangomat is a Brother in the Order of the Arrow who leads a “clan” of candidates through a day of service at the Spring Conclave or Fall Reunion. The Elangomat talks about the opportunities in the Order of the Arrow, and leads the candidates through their Ordeal process.

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What does an Elangomat have to do?

The Elangomat program was created in order to ensure that the Elangomats would be able to guide their “clan” successfully and teach them about Order of the Arrow. The Elangomat embarks on a journey in which they spend a day with the Order’s candidates and assist them as they receive the Ordeal Honor. The Elangomat will accompany the candidates as they re-live the Ordeal process. The Elangomats will spend most of the day with their clan, eating the same food, doing the same service, and setting an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. The Elangomat is not only responsible for leading the clans, but also for contacting the new Ordeal members to inform them of upcoming events and for sparking interest during the first year.

Although it can be said that Saturday’s day of service is the main portion of an Elangomat’s career, the Elangomat will be responsible for attending a Chapter Seminar so that he is completely prepared for the task. Also, a meeting on the Friday night of the Spring Conclave or Fall Reunion will provide the layout for the next day’s activity. The Elangomat’s job during the Saturday of the Fall Reunion or Spring Conclave will include leading a “clan,” or group of candidates, through the Ordeal process in which the Elangomat will inform the candidates of the opportunities in the Order of the Arrow and will work with their clan through a day of service.

For the rest of the year, the Elangomat’s job is to inform the newly inducted about upcoming events and programs. The Elangomat should be the second wave of communication. Here’s how the two-wave communication should work:

  1. The New Horizons Chapter Secretary will send an email to every Brother in New Horizons.
  2. The Elangomat will receive information from the Chapter Secretary about upcoming events and opportunities
  3. Using the contact information collected during the Fall Reunion or Spring Conclave, the Elangomat will inform the newly inducted about the great events. The Elangomat will personalize the email so that the candidates have a more information since the event may be new to them. The Elangomat will also send his email to the Elangomat Chairman for verification and keep in contact will the Elangomat Chairman.

Since both the Elangomat and Chapter Secretary spread information, if one email or phone is missed, the candidates will still be aware of the event because they have another source of communication!

What are my obligations as an Elangomat?

As of the Spring Conclave of 2012, the officers of the New Horizons Chapter have decided to change the current program so that Elangomats are more aware of what they should do. The Lodge’s current requirements do not work well in a larger-scaled environment. The new requirements below will guarantee that the candidates are presented with a better view of the Order of the Arrow and will also prepare the Elangomats so that they are properly trained.

  1.  Sign-up ONLINE to become an Elangomat.
  2.  Attend a New Horizons Chapter Elangomat Seminar.
  3. Report to the NH Chapter Headquarters on the Friday evening of the Spring Conclave or Fall Reunion for a brief meeting.
  4. Perform appointed duties on Saturday and obtain legible contact information from the candidates in the clan.
  5.  Attend an Elangomat meeting after the Saturday Chapter meeting to turn in contact information.
  6.  Send out monthly e-mails and/or call all candidates in your clan to remind them of upcoming events.


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