Ceremonial Teams

New Horizons has ceremonial teams for both the Ordeal and Brotherhood Honors. We are always looking for Arrowmen who are interested in starting a ceremonial team, being a part of a ceremonial team, or are interested in helping a team. Check this page for the latest information about ceremonial teams and events for them. Are you interested in joining a ceremonial team, but don’t know where to start? Please contact the Chapter 2nd Vice Chief.

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New Horizons Chapter Ceremonial Team Workshop

Every year, New Horizons OA hosts the Ceremonial Team Workshop. If you are interested in discovering what participation in a ceremonial team is all about, please attend! We always welcome new arrowmen to join us. In addition, becoming a ceremonial team member satisfies a requirement for the Brotherhood Honor. For more information, contact the Chapter 2nd Vice Chief, or check the calendar for a date and time!

New Horizons Chapter Ceremonialist Awards

The New Horizons Chapter, Order of the Arrow, values the cheerful service from its ceremonial teams, advisers, and all those that support our ceremonies. As a way to recognize those contributions, and to encourage the participation of new ceremonialists, the chapter has introduced a three-part award program.

The first award is the Chapter Ceremonial Team Neckerchief, which is the red New Horizons neckerchief with special black piping (instead of the regular white piping). Ceremonial Team Advisors can submit the award form (below) once the requirements have been met.

The second award is the Chapter Ceremonial Team Neckerchief Slide. With the approval of your Ceremonial Team Advisor, every ceremonialist that completes the requirements can submit the card (below).

These first two awards are for the ceremonial team principals (those with speaking parts) and advisors. However, the Ceremonial Team Totem is for ceremonial principals, advisors, as well as others who support our ceremonies. The various beads that are part of the Totem tell the story of your participation, and the beads accumulate as your story grows. Please see the Totem order form and assembly diagram (below).

These awards are retroactive to your first participation experience on a New Horizons ceremonial team, as long as the requirements are met while you are registered with the New Horizons chapter.

Should you have questions or feedback regarding this new program in the New Horizons chapter, please contact the Chapter 2nd Vice Chief.





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