Troop Reps

The Order of the Arrow Troop Representative is one of the most important postions in the Order. It is the key way that the Chapter and Lodge are able to communicate with the troop and visa versa. The Troop Rep program benefits both the troop and the Order. The Troop Rep should be an Arrowman that will attend Chapter and Lodge OA functions. He will recive a few emails and calls from the Chapter each month and will communicate this information to the troop to promote more troop involvement in the Order.

Download the New Horizons Troop Representative Information Packet here.
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Some information from the national website:

What Are the Responsibilities of the Troop/Team Representative?
There are numerous possibilities for the job description of the OA Representative. The beauty is that it is flexible enough to allow your unit to fine-tune the exact responsibilities. However, the most basic tasks of the Representative will be to coordinate service opportunities within the unit, to coordinate unit involvement with the Order of the Arrow, including Unit Elections, Camp Promotions, and Inductions, and request lodge and chapter resources to help meet unit needs.

Who Can Serve as a Troop/Team Representative?
Anyone in the unit who is under the age of 18 can serve as the OA Representative for the unit. He should be appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader or Varsity Team Captain, and will be a member of the Patrol Leaders’ Council and attend lodge and chapter meetings. And also be in the order of the arrow.

Will There Be an Adviser for the Troop/Team Representative?
As with all positions in the Order, the OA Representative should have an adult as his Adviser. This adult needs to be 21 years of age or older and be appointed by the Scoutmaster.

Does This Position Count for Rank Advancement?
Scouts may use the Order of the Arrow Troop/Team Representative position to meet the leadership position requirements for the Star, Life, and Eagle ranks.