Camp Promotion

The Camp Promotions Chairman’s job is to organize Camp Promotion for the Chapter and ensure 100% completion. Camp Promotion is a major part of the Order of the Arrow as camping is an important focus of Scouting. Camp Promotion attempts to get more Scouts to sign up for summer camps as well as high adventure based camps and other summer programs.

If you have completed a camp promotion, fill out the “Online Camp Promotion Completion Card” here. This works instead of mailing back the card on the Camp Promotion packet. In addition to filling out the “Completion Card” please take a moment to fill out the survey for the lodge and ask for a leader present during the promotion to fill one out. The survey is located here.

The Camp Promotion Script is now available online.

If you have any questions please contact the Chapter Secretary or Camp Promotions Chairmen here.

NEW- The Shawnee Lodge Executive Committee has elected to modify the current camp promotions program, beginning this year. The major change this year will be that individual Troop Promotions, while still possible, will no longer be the main focus for promotions. Rather, Camp Promotions will be conducted primarily at chapter meetings, district camporees, and district roundtables. In addition to promotion at these events, promotions will also be conducted on separate dates focusing on discussing the unique summer camp experiences that await everyone each summer. For more information visit the Shawnee Lodge Camp Promotions Website. Please contact the chapter if you have any questions. Thank you.

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